Help your clients put the slap on mosquitoes.

Vectra® 3D is a complete protection that kills (Aedes aegypti) and repels mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Culex pipiens).

Mosquito Landing

Pretty much anywhere in Europe your clients live, mosquitoes can pose a risk to their dogs. Female mosquitoes feed on blood to reproduce. Dogs are bitten by mosquitoes. They can then lay hundreds of eggs at a time. It’s safe to say your clients are itching for a solution. Recommend Vectra® 3D. It is a powerful, broad-spectrum solution with repellent action that stops mosquitoes before they get a chance to bite. Biting is necessary to spread vector-borne diseases.

Check Button Effectively Repels Two Species

Vectra® 3D formula repels the two mosquito species – Aedes aegypti and Culex pipiens for one month. Also kills Aedes aegypti within 1 hour of exposure to a treated dog for one month.

Check Button Stops Biting, Reduces Landings

Total reduction in mosquito feeding, with over 85% reduction in landing. If mosquitoes don’t bite, they don’t spread disease.

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