Protect dogs from pain. Put the bite on stable flies.

Vectra® 3D provides powerful action against stable flies.

Stable Flies - Hero

Stable flies are found throughout Europe. Adults have a visible proboscis adapted for piercing skin. Their bites are painful to dogs. Good thing there is now a way to kill them and repel them before they even bite. Vectra® 3D puts the bite on stable flies.

Check Button Kills And Repels On Contact

Triple-action formula of Vectra® 3D kills Stomoxys calcitrans on contact for a full month. And Vectra® 3D also repels stable flies for one month.

Check Button Flying Parasites Can Be Repelled

V3D causes flies to avoid the animal altogether in many cases. If flies do land, a repellent action sends them off the animal before feeding.

Check Button Stop Painful Bites

Once Vectra® 3D is applied Stomoxys flies will not feed or bite anymore

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