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Vectra® 3D controls dangerous parasites three ways.

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  • In insects, mimics the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which activates nerve impulses at the synapse receptor.
  • Contrary to acetylcholine whose effects are terminated very fast, dinotefuran is not susceptible to synaptic enzymes. Dinotefuran binds permanently and causes continuous nerve stimulation.
  • Dinotefuran causes paralysis and death to insects.
  • Kills fleas by contact; ingestion is not required.
  • After application, this compound adheres to the skin surface and hair of dogs and puppies.
  • Does not bind to mammalian acetylcholine receptor sites.
  • Exclusive active to Ceva in the EU and US.


  • Extremely potent, long-lasting and photostable.
  • Targets the reproduction and development of insects such as fleas. Sterilises adult fleas, kills larvae and prevents emergence of new adults.
  • Mimics the growth hormone (Juvenile Hormone) regulating when the insect molts and moves to the next life stage.
  • Normally, the JH breaks down over time, allowing the molting, but Pyriproxyfen keeps the hormone level too high to allow the molt, and they eventually die.


  • Is a synthetic pyrethroid.
  • Repels and knock-down the parasites
  • Insecticide and acaricide which targets the nervous system of arthropods
  • During a nerve impulse, voltage-gated sodium channels open, causing depolarisation of the nerve.
  • Permethrin binds to this gate protein and prevents it from closing normally.
  • This causes repetitive activity in the sensory and motor pathways, causing tremors.
  • Parasites lose control of their nervous system, are unable to produce coordinated movement and die.

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